New ‘Google Wi-Fi’ Router Can Be Meshed and Synched

New Google Wi-Fi routers synch for whole home coverage. Image courtesy Google.

At the annual I/O event, Google introduced an expandable Wi-Fi system of multiple routers, called Google Wi-Fi, which can be meshed and synched to provide coverage throughout the home. A feature called “network assist” continuously manages and optimizes network settings. One router costs $129 each and a pack of three is available for $299. Pre-orders will be accepted in November and shipping starts in December, just in time for the holiday giving season.

It intelligently routes traffic from a device to the nearest unit in the home. It is an 11ac router that simultaneously supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. It has beamforming technology and supports Bluetooth Smart. Google said the system will automatically handle channel management and other traffic routing. A smartphone app is used to manage functions such as set up and parental controls.

It will compete against the meshed routers from startups such as Eero, Luma and Ubiquiti’s Amplifi.

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