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ZTE: ‘Fixed Broadband’ Is Needed for the ‘Big Video’ Era

“Fixed Broadband” is necessary for “Big Video,” according to ZTE’s principal architect Chris Mulley, speaking at the Broadband World Forum (BBWF) this week. He said the major theme in discussions about wireline networks is the demand for more bandwidth, more throughput and one platform for video, mobile, Web access and computing. Mulley urged operators to embrace the future of Fixed Broadband (FBB) by saying, “Tomorrow never waits. FBB requires innovative evolution and telecom operators need to change their role to Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers in order to succeed in this competitive industry” and added “Big Video brings more revenue opportunities for operators. They can add more value to their services by acting as 4K/8K TV content providers and compete strongly by providing 100 Mbps to 1Gbps connectivity.”

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Chipmakers Celeno & NXP Partner for Better Use of Wi-Fi Spectrum

Wi-Fi chipmaker Celeno Communications has partnered with NXP Semiconductors on a joint reference system for the development of high-end gateways and smart Wi-Fi extenders. Service providers and equipment makers will be able to deliver flawless, self-organized and self-managed multi-gigabit whole home Wi-Fi services. The gateway-extenders solution could enable green field deployments. Alternatively, extenders and Celeno’s ControlAIR software could be added to legacy deployed gateways to improve home Wi-Fi performance in the field.

Lior Weiss, VP of marketing and business development at Celeno, said, “Smart Wi-Fi management is the key to tackling the challenging home network environment.” He said the joint reference technology, together with Celeno’s ControlAIR software for device orchestration, can be incorporated into home gateways and smart extenders and ControlAIR will allocate the available spectrum smartly between the Wi-Fi extenders, organize the Wi-Fi devices on the right Wi-Fi access point for optimized Wi-Fi speed to each device and allow successful device roaming in the home with real time tracking of the whereabouts of each device and its special requirements.

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Netflix Q3 Numbers Bring Big Smiles to Broadband Services & Equipment Makers

This week Netflix shocked industry experts and financial analysts by blowing the lid off with its Q3 2016 numbers:

– It added 400,000 subscribers in the US, 100,000 more than the 300,000 it had previously forecast

– It added 3.2 million in the rest of the world, 1.2 million more than the 2 million it had forecast

– It made a profit of $51.5 million, and generated earnings of 12 cents per share, double Wall Street expectations

– It predicts that in Q4 it will add another 300,000 in the States and another 3.75 million outside the States.

By number of subscribers, Netflix is now the world’s largest pay TV service — people watch it on TVs just as they now watch pay TV content on smartphones and tablets. It is also one of the world’s four largest acquirers of content as measured by dollars – and like all content acquirers it buys good ones like “Narco” and bad ones. Netflix has probably single-handedly caused the cost of content to soar. Let’s remember that content is king but Netflix is turning into the power behind the throne.

There would be very little demand for much bandwidth except for the emergence of OTT services as a major platform for delivering content. Netflix, which started as a DVD rental service, may not have invented OTT but it certainly perfected it – although Amazon is catching up with Netflix – unlike Hulu, which seems to be in a slow fall. Broadband service providers and makers of broadband and home network gear should pay (if not money, at least frequent homage) to Netflix and the other OTT services for creating enormous demand for their products and services – they pay salesmen don’t they and who has been more responsible for the sales of their products and services than Netflix.

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