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Swisscom Is First in Europe to Announce a Major Commercial Rollout of

Swisscom says it’s the first European telco to announce a national rollout of broadband technology, which it will use to provide 400-500 Mbps to about 2/3rds of Swiss residences. Swisscom CTO Heinz Herren told attendees at the Broadband World Forum in London that is now a commercial reality in Switzerland. He said, “I am proud that I can announce a commercial rollout of in Switzerland as of today. I believe this is the first European launch of commercially.” Swisscom wants to use in a fiber-to-the-street network architecture, which it said would cover nearly two thirds of the Swiss population. It is unclear whether consumers have actually started ordering the service.

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NBN’s XG.FAST Trial Hits 8 Gbps at 30 Meters & 5 Gbps at 70 Meters

Australia’s national broadband service NBN says its lab trials of Nokia’s XG.FAST have reached speeds of 8 Gbps at 30 meters and 5 Gbps at 70 meters. Alcatel-Lucent was well-underway in developing XG.FAST when Nokia acquired it – and XG.FAST and are turning out to be jewels. NBN, whose trials are conducted at its Sydney headquarters, is one of only three telcos that have conducted XG.FAST trials – the other two being BT and DT (Deutsche Telekom).

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Windstream to Deploy Fixed Wireless Broadband in 40 Cities

Windstream says it will compete against incumbent wireline telcos in 40 different US cities by deploying 39GHz point-to-multipoint radios. That target market is MDUs and MTUs. Windstream is also testing copperwire technology in MDUs using Calix gear.

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Verizon Trialing Fixed Wireless Broadband in Several Configurations

Verizon intends to use mmWave wireless access technology in the 28GHz band to offer fiber-like performance without having to dig up streets and lawns, it said at the NGMN 5G conference in Germany last week. Verizon is trialing several architectures such as roof mounted antennas, window bridges and fully indoor customer equipment.

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HomePlug Alliance Shares its Technology with Other Alliances

The HomePlug Alliance, whose HomePlug is far and away the leader in powerline networking — despite attempts to unseat it by the crowd — is sharing its technology with other alliances. It has:

– Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Wi-SUN Alliance that will move the certification and testing specifications to the Wi-SUN Alliance.

– Technical specifications for HomePlug AV, AV2 and Green PHY will be made publicly available.

– It has signed a letter of intent with the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) to explore the opportunity for MoCA to assume the certification and test specification programs for nVoy technology, which makes HomePlug, MoCA and Wi-Fi interoperable.

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