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Broadcom’s New Gear Supports DTA & Has Automatic Fallback to VDSL

Chipset maker Broadcom this week announced a new BCM65400 family of devices that support Dynamic Time Allocation (DTA) and automatic fallback to VDSL mode. BT plans to use gear with Broadcom chips in a rollout that will connect 140,000 premises by next March. Peter Bell, the network portfolio director of BT’s Openreach, said, “We are encouraged that Broadcom has developed a scalable solution that is aligned with our roadmap.



T-Mobile Netherlands Enters the Consumer Fixed Wireless Market

Cellcos are not waiting on 5G to start offering fixed wireless broadband.

T-Mobile Netherlands (T-Mobile NL) calls its newly launched “4G voor Thuis” (4G for Home) an alternative to landline broadband. Subscribers buy a €99.95 4G modem for their home. It uses Wi-Fi to connect the 4G cellular network to up to 32 devices in the home such as smartphones and smart TVs. T-Mobile NL said speeds are up to 120 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up. The modem needs only to be plugged in to an electrical outlet – not to a phone wire or coax. T-Mobile NL is aiming the service at residences that can only get slow or unstable wireline broadband.



Ubiquiti Offers Its AmpliFi HD Router as a Standalone Product for $149.99

Ubiquiti Networks’ consumer division Ubiquiti Labs is offering its mesh router, the AmpliFi HD Router, as a standalone product – available from Amazon for $149.99. If additional Mesh Points are needed to provide coverage in other parts of the home, the Mesh Points with 802.11ac Wi-Fi can be purchased for $132. Previously the AmpliFi HD Router was only available as part of a bundle with Mesh Points.



Is Netgear’s New Nighthawk X10 The Most Powerful, Fastest Wi-Fi Router Ever?

More powerful traditional standalone Wi-Fi routers are being launched that promise high speeds throughout the whole-home. Netgear says its new Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart Wi-Fi Router is the industry’s fastest— router for media streaming and instant backup. On paper it appears to be the most powerful, fastest and most versatile router ever.


4K Will Become Mass Market for Broadcasters in 2017

The broadcast industry is now at a point where 4K is no longer a future prospect and 2017 will see 4K become the main format for the mass market, according to Joe Nakata, senior producer of Sony Japan, speaking at MIPCOM. Nakata said, “Having a beautiful display is no good if there’s no content to display,” he said, adding that in addition to a number of satellite-delivered channels [DirecTV and Sky], OTT players such as Netflix and Amazon Prime were now producing programming in 4K and increasingly HDR.

Michel Chabrol, SVP of new TV formats at Eutelsat predicted that broadcasters would next year report 4K being available as 1separate packages in mass market pay TV options.


Europe Could See 2 HDR Broadcast Channels Soon

-Filmbox Will Bring HDR to UHD Live Channel by 2017

-Competitor TERN Plans HDR Support, Too

European viewers will soon be treated with the world’s first live linear UHD channels that’ll air high dynamic range (HDR) content. While top OTT services Netflix and Amazon already offer some content in HDR, SPI International and TERN are both planning satellite-delivered 4K channels that’ll air HDR content, though viewers will need to purchase new, pricey UHD displays that are capable of supporting HDR in order to enjoy the benefits of the new color technology.



Other Research Outfits Are Finally Seeing What We Predicted over Three Years Ago – 4K Is THE Resolution for TVs and Content

– And OTT Services Will Dominate the 4K Market for at Least Three More Years – If not Longer

Once a trend is well underway, most market research companies can predict how many will be sold and where and for how much etc. Rider Research specializes in spotting technologies and consumer trends before they become visible to ordinary quantitative research outfits – such as we did with Wi-Fi, the advent and then the demise of pirate music services, MoCA, DOCSIS, Vectoring and In May 2010 we discovered the wonders of 4K/UHD and in July 2012 predicted that 4K would become the industry standard for TVs and content- which of course it has. That is despite the dire predictions that other researchers and analyst were making about the obstacles to 4K – specifically the lack of 4K displays and the lack of 4K content.

Now that consumers are already buying millions of 4K TV and OTT services are adding 4K content as fast as they can, ordinary quantitative researchers such as Jupiter Research are predicting how well 4K will do. Juniper says in its “Digital TV & Video: Network and OTT Strategies 2016-2021.” Report that consumer adoption of 4K OTT content looks like it could go on a tear in the next five years, something we first predicted three years ago.


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