Swisscom Is First in Europe to Announce a Major Commercial Rollout of

– Will Provide 400-500 Mbps to about 2/3rds of Swiss Residences

By Charles Hall

Swisscom says it’s the first European telco to announce a formal rollout of broadband technology, which it will use to provide an amazing 400-500 Mbps to about 2/3rds of Swiss residences. Swisscom CTO Heinz Herren told attendees at the Broadband World Forum in London that is now a commercial reality in Switzerland. He said, “I am proud that I can announce a commercial rollout of in Switzerland as of today. I believe this is the first European launch of commercially.” Swisscom wants to use in a fiber-to-the-street network architecture, which it said would cover nearly two thirds of the Swiss population. It is unclear whether consumers have actually started ordering the service.

Why deploy instead of the faster and more future-proof all-fiber, which Swisscom knows well, having deployed it in more densely populated urban areas? Swisscom, which invests almost 20% of its revenues in capital expenditures, said all-fiber would be twice as costly and take twice as long to deploy as Herren said, “We can’t let this bandwidth race go on because we need to be able to monetize the infrastructure. There are some funny ideas about artificial intelligence but even that probably won’t require more than 100 Mbps.”

Because uses higher frequencies that can be more subject to interference than other technologies, Swisscom is making the network backwards compatible with older broadband technologies such as VDSL and vectoring, which can be used as fallbacks if outages occur…

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