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AT&T and Verizon Take Very Different Paths

AT&T and Verizon are taking very different routes to whatever their future goals are. Having spent $49 billion to acquire DirecTV, the US’s largest satco, AT&T has offered to acquire Time Warner for $85 billion, giving AT&T one of the world’s largest and best content producers. Verizon has acquired XO’s 20,000 mile intercity fiber network in the US and Canada plus XO’s metro fiber networks in 40 major cities and a 13,000 mile metro network with more than 4,000 connected business buildings and 1,000 central offices. That will help it build a nationwide fiber network and supports its efforts to build a nationwide fixed wireless network. It has also offered to buy Yahoo, an offer that may be withdrawn because of Yahoo having withheld information about being hacked.


AT&T                                                                          Verizon

DirecTV, the world’s largest satco                           XO’s intercity and metro networks

Time Warner, a premier content producer           Yahoo (maybe) an also-ran Web service



US’ largest wireline broadband service                 US’s largest all-fiber network FiOS

Nationwide cellco with 2nd most subscribers      Nationwide cellco with most subscribers

DirecTV, US’ largest pay TV service                       XO’s national fiber backbone and metro network

AOL, an also-ran Web service is now an OTT service

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Verizon Sells High-speed LTE in Low-cost 30 & 60 Minute Increments

Verizon’s new PopData wireless service is aimed at users that occasionally need a lot a bandwidth such as when on-the-go. Subscribers can buy short sessions of 4G LTE data that don’t count against their monthly limits such as a one-off for a movie. Subscribers’ My Verizon app has a PopData button that offers 30 minute sessions for $2 or 60 minute sessions for $3 – each with unlimited data during the sessions. PopData is available on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads.

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Despite Australia’s NBN having touted as a central component its fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp), will not be immediately available for NBN’s 2018 FTTdp launch, according to ZDNet. Instead NBN will use older VDSL technology. Most recently NBN commissioned Ovum to prepare and release a report on the benefits of and its deployment in other countries. Could it be that NBN wants to wait on XG.FAST from Nokia, which is a major supplier to NBN?

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Israel’s Bezeq Confirms Major Nationwide Build-out

Israeli incumbent telco Bezeq has confirmed it will build a nationwide network using gear from Adtran. The initial phase will be the deployment of distribution point unit (DPU) and CPE equipment. Deployments will be include FTTB, FTTCab and both aerial and subterranean FTTdp. Each DPU will be in Adtran’s sealed micro DSLAM enclosures. Adtran DPUs are chipset agnostic, which means they can have any maker’s chipsets. It’s a big win for Adtran. Last week Swisscom said it would build a national network that passed about 2/3rds of Switzerland’s residences – but Swisscom is believed to be using Nokia’s gear. Bezeq CTIO Yaki Zano said: “Adtran’s collaborative involvement in our strategic development has given us a robust and flexible technology roadmap for the future of our broadband access network, ready to confront new opportunities.”

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