ZTE: ‘Fixed Broadband’ Is Necessary for the ‘Big Video’ Era

Image source: ZTE

“Fixed Broadband” is necessary for “Big Video,” according to ZTE’s principal architect Chris Mulley speaking at the Broadband World Forum last week. He said the major theme in discussions about wireline networks is the demand for more bandwidth, more throughput and one platform for video, mobile, Web access and computing. Mulley urged operators to embrace the future of Fixed Broadband (FBB) by saying, “Tomorrow never waits. FBB requires innovative evolution and telecom operators need to change their role to Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers in order to succeed in this competitive industry” and added “Big Video brings more revenue opportunities for operators. They can add more value to their services by acting as 4K/8K TV content providers and compete strongly by providing 100 Mbps to 1Gbps connectivity.”


– Wireline networks are not going away; in fact they are needed more than ever and will have to be bulked up.

– ZTE expects 8K to follow shortly on the heels of 4K, which is now arriving in quantity – and both are on the mind of those planning future broadband technologies.

– There is an urgency to upgrading networks to at least 100 Mbps now and 1 Gbps in the future – the 100 Mbps network has to be built so it can be upgraded to 1 Gbps.

Mulley said that a number of bandwidth-hungry applications are continuously driving what he called the third wave of video. He said traditional services are declining but video rich services are increasing and that bandwidth will grow exponentially as a result so that broadband services must address this rise in traffic in the “Big Video era.”

He concluded, “Fixed Broadband networks are crucial to what we need in the future. FBB provides more capacity – Big Video streaming capabilities, flexibility and cost-effective mobile backhaul with low latency and high synchronization accuracy. To do this, networks must be simplified to flatter and more flexible network architecture in order to accelerate service innovation.”

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