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Newly ITU-Approved Standard Will Revolutionize Copperwire & Coax Networking

The ITU-T Study Group 15 has approved the 2 Gbps version of standard, which doubles the possible speed from the existing 1 Gbps version. The new version enables the coexistence of and VDSL2 so that telcos can have both in the same DPU and can use VDSL2 as a fallback if there is a malfunction. The new standard also allows for the coexistence of broadband and satcos’ pay TV signals in the same coax infrastructure, something that will interest AT&T as it rolls out fixed wireless to MDUs that have DirecTV’s pay TV service. In addition, the new version specifies a method for dynamic time assessment, which allows up and down speeds to be automatically changed as needed by users.

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Live Video Streams to Ratchet up Demand for Bandwidth

The demand for more bandwidth to and within the home is going to soar much higher than many believe. A main cause will be the increase in the streaming of live events.

Twitter said last week it will focus on live streaming sports, entertainment, news and political events in 2017 through a new TV video app that is already available of NTBs such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One. It already has the rights to live stream some NFL and Premier League games plus the US presidential debates and The Melbourne Cup. And it wants more content deal. Twitter’s video app allows Twitter users to participate in live conversation during the streaming videos. Advertisers can place customized 30-second mid-roll ads during the streams. At Twitter’s IAB Digital Upfronts in London last week, UK managing director Dara Nasr told Campaign, “Brands love video and audiences love video. We have seen video grow by 220 times since 2015 and 93% of video on Twitter is seen on mobile.” Nasr said Twitter would not fund the creation of original content and would only use user-generated and professionally produced content.

Here is one more observation: Live streaming will forever change the linear pay TV industry because consumers can watch live events on any device and without being forced to pay monthly for pricey pay TV bundles – and they can watch hundreds of thousands of hours of studio-created content when and where they want.

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AT&T Adds 323k DirecTV Subs but Loses 326k U-verse TV Subs

AT&T’s DirecTV, which many consider to have the best picture quality and most channels of any pay TV service, added 323,000 subs in Q3 for a total of 1.2 million added since AT&T acquired it in August 2015. However, AT&T’s U-verse, generally considered to be the worst US pay TV service, lost 326,000 subscribers in Q3, which means AT&T, despite its pricey acquisition of DirecTV, is losing ground in the pay TV market – as are most other pay TV services. AT&T is also losing subscribers in the wireline broadband market.


iLuun Launches USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Its Own Wi-Fi

Source: iLuun

Source: iLuun

iLuun has developed a wireless USB 3.0 flash drive called iLuun Air, which has a built-in Wi-Fi network that allows users to wirelessly access their photos and files, stream videos and music plus transfer media content to and from their mobile device – without the need for the Internet or cables.

Because it uses Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter what smartphone and tablet makers change with their connecters. It also allows up to six devices to share content simultaneously so users are not tied to a PC. It has a single step backup, which gives users more room on their mobile device. Its USB 3.0 reduces power consumption and increases data rates, security, pairing reliability and speed. An iOS or Android app is available. iLuun Air is available on Kickstarter in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB with a starting price $49.


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