Adtran Confirms Major Win at Israel’s Incumbent Telco Bezeq

– Only 2nd Telco to Commit to Nationwide Build-out

By Charles Hall

Israeli incumbent telco Bezeq has confirmed it will build a nationwide network using gear from Adtran. The initial phase will be the deployment of Adtran’s distribution point units (DPU) and consumer premises equipment (CPE). It’s a big, big win for Adtran because Swisscom said last week it would build a national network that passed about 2/3rds of Switzerland’s residences – but Swisscom is believed to be using Nokia’s gear.

Deployments will be include FTTB, FTTCab and both aerial and subterranean FTTdp. Each DPU will be in Adtran’s sealed micro DSLAM enclosures. Adtran DPUs are chipset agnostic, which means they can have any maker’s chipsets. Bezeq CTIO Yaki Zano said: “Adtran’s collaborative involvement in our strategic development has given us a robust and flexible technology roadmap for the future of our broadband access network, ready to confront new opportunities.”

Kurt Raaflaub, head of global product marketing at Adtran, said the deal with Bezeq, a tier 1 telco in that part of the world, is its first nationwide win and it expects others…

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