Binge On Helps T-Mobile US Steal more Subs from AT&T and Verizon in Q3

Image source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA’s eccentric CEO John Legere will be on cloud nine after reporting results for the third quarter that far outshine its two big rivals AT&T and Verizon. It added almost two million net mobile connections in Q3 to give it a total of 69.4 million – claiming it did so by ransacking 400,000 subscribers from AT&T in the quarter, as well as 300,000 from Sprint and 250,000 from Verizon.

Mobile USA Scorecard at end of Q3 2016

Cellco                     Millions of Subscribers

Verizon                          143.3

AT&T                              133.0

T-Mobile                        69.4

Sprint                              59.2

The big winner here is mobile-first TV and the key ingredients are simply unlimited data and content, which is exactly what T-Mobile US brings to the table with its controversial Binge On service. It has signed up a wealth of content providers, including Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Time Warner’s HBO – allowing users to stream video without eating up data allowances or being hit with overage charges. This marks the fourteenth consecutive quarter that T-Mobile US has reported over a million net adds…

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