HomeGrid’s Yasay Hits HomePlug Where It’ll Be Weak: Certification

Image source: HomeGrid test lab Allion Labs

Perhaps coincidentally or perhaps because of the HomePlug Alliance’s recent perceived weakening, the rival HomeGrid Forum (backers of G.hn) has stepped up its emphasis on certifications, which ensure that products from different companies are fully interoperable. HomePlug said last week that it is turning certification over to the Wi-SUN Alliance standards association, which is backed by utility companies whose focus is on interoperable IoT devices.

HomeGrid president Donna Yasay told a panel of technology people that certification is “at the forefront of interoperability.” She said, “To ensure multi-vendor interoperability, accredited industry certification programs should be used for every product to provide credibility and quality assurance for retail and carrier based customers looking to add ever increasing numbers of devices to the home network. The successful global adoption of the Internet of Things is dependent on a robust and secure home network.”

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