Newest Version Gives Copperwire Telcos First Chance to Compete against Cablecos’ DOCSIS

The ITU-T Study Group 15 has approved the 2 Gbps version of the standard. Image source: ITU

– At Last – 1 Gbps over Copper Phone Wires

By Charles Hall

Remember how important the launch of DOCSIS 3.0 has been to the cablecos – it sealed the deal for them having for more than a decade the much more superior broadband technology than copperwire-based telcos, a blow from which those telcos have never recovered. And US telcos are still losing market share to cablecos. The 2 Gbps version of, which the ITU approved this week may be just as important to copperwire-based telcos worldwide as DOCSIS 3.0 was to cablecos.

The ITU-T Study Group 15 has approved the 2 Gbps version of the standard, which by using spectrum up to 212 MHz doubles the 1 Gbps of the current standard. It is truly amazing that 2 Gbps can be achieved over ancient copper phone wires – even though at only relatively short distances. Those “short” distances are long enough that telcos can save billions of dollars in deployment costs – not to mention disruption to consumers – versus installing fiber all the way into the home…

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