The Online Reporter Daily |28 Oct 2016|

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Calix Shows the NG-PON2 That Verizon Will Trial

Calix used its Users Conference this week to unveil AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System for all-fiber networks. Verizon will use the Calix gear in NG-PON2 lab trials that it announced in July. Calix and Ericsson jointly bid on the deal. Verizon will also trial NG-PON2 gear from Adtran. Ericsson is accustomed to landing very big deals but it will be major deals for either Calix or Adtran because Verizon, which has the world’s largest all fiber network that it built a decade ago, has the potential to upgrade it to the world’s largest next generation all-fiber network – plus it owns XO Communications, which has a 20,000 mile intercity fiber network in the US and Canada plus XO’s metro fiber networks in 40 major cities and a 13,000 mile metro network with more than 4,000 connected business buildings and 1,000 central offices. And, Verizon has said it will build 5G networks that’ll offer fixed wireless broadband to residences – especially MDUs.


BT Announces Wholesale Rates for

BT Openreach has announced the rates it will charge resellers, such as TalkTalk and Sky, for its broadband that offers speeds up to 330 Mbps down. There will be two plans: 160/30 Mbps and 330/50 Mbps. BT has been the most vocal evangelist for and heavily involved in its development. BT has promised to provide G.Fast to ten million homes and businesses by the end of 2020 and to the majority of the UK by 2025.


Comcast Building an Enormous Network of Wi-Fi Hotspots

Comcast continues to rollout Wi-Fi hotspots that its subscribers can access, most recently 50 of them in outdoor locations in the Pullman, Washington Historic District and the West Pullman Industrial Park. Comcast subscribers can use them for free. Non-subscribers get only two hours a month. Comcast says t already has hotspots in 400 Pullman businesses plus thousands of homes that allow outsiders to access. Cox said the total hotspots in the Pullman area are almost 10,000. Subscribers that have Comcast’s Xfinity’s Home Hotspot feature can activate it and allow people to log in without slowing down their home network or requiring a password.

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