Adtran Supports More Copper Phone Lines with Its Supervectoring than Huawei

Telcos that want more speed from the copper phone VDSL wires will be happy to hear that supervectoring has arrived with claims of speeds up to as much as 300 Mbps as compared to the 100 Mbps that “ordinary” vectoring provides. Vectoring negates the amount of interference on the hundreds of copperwires that are physically next to each other in what telcos call binders.

A binder of jam-packed pairs of copper home wires that create considerable noise interference.

A binder of jam-packed pairs of copper home wires that create considerable noise interference.


Adtran, which competes against Huawei and Nokia in broadband equipment for telcos, says its upcoming (in early 2017) supervectoring gear can support up to 432 subscriber phone lines. Huawei had previously announced supervectoring gear the supported up to 384 subscriber phone lines. Adtran says it already has one telco, probably Deutsche Telekom – a large user of user of vectoring gear, which is using supervectoring gear that supports up to 288 subscriber lines.

US-based Adtran boasts that it has the largest supervectoring deployment in the world, a boast that Nokia and its recently acquired Bell Labs might dispute – as might Huawei, which is not allowed to sell its telecom gear in the States.

Not every telco has taken to supervectoring. BT has chosen gear, which Adtran also makes and which has vectoring built-in, as it is copperwire broadband technology., according to BT, can provide speeds up to 300 Mbps now at distances up to 300 meters and in the future, it’s claimed, up to 2 Gbps, probably over shorter distances. BT plans to use gear with Broadcom chips in a rollout that will connect 140,000 premises by next March.

Other telcos, probably including DT and BT as well as AT&T and CenturyLink, plan to deploy in MDUs, some only in MDUs. Two telcos have committed to national deployments of Swisscom and Israel’s Bezeq.

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