Calix Shows the Next-gen NG-PON2 System that Verizon Will Trial

By Charles Hall

More than any other wireless and wireline service provider, Verizon wants the very best fiber network technology. It was first to build an all-fiber network, operates the world’s largest all-fiber network (FiOS), offers pay TV over its all-fiber network, competes against the US’ two largest cablecos – one of whom, Comcast is recognized as the world’s most technologically advanced cablecos) and has built the US’ largest (and arguably best) cellular network (all of which depend on fiber networks). Consequently Verizon sets high standards for fiber network equipment so Calix being selected as one of two finalists in Verizon’s fiber sweepstakes for building its next-generation all-fiber network says a great deal about Calix.

Last week Calix publicly showed its new AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System for all-fiber networks that Verizon will test in its NG-PON2 lab trials. Calix and Ericsson jointly bid on the Verizon deal. Verizon will also trial NG-PON2 gear from Adtran.

Ericsson is accustomed to landing very big deals but it will be major deals for either Calix or Adtran because Verizon, which has the world’s largest all fiber network that it built a decade ago, has the potential to upgrade it to the world’s largest next generation all-fiber network – plus Verizon owns XO Communications, which has a 20,000 mile intercity fiber network in the US and Canada plus XO’s metro fiber networks in 40 major cities and a 13,000 mile metro network with more than 4,000 connected business buildings and 1,000 central offices. And, Verizon has said it will build 5G networks that’ll offer fixed wireless broadband to residences – especially MDUs…

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