Hulu’s Latest Deal Brings 35 Networks to Internet TV Service

-Parents Disney and 21st Century Fox Support Hulu’s OTT TV Bundle

By Brittany Demmon

Hulu hasn’t decided on a name yet, but its little TV streaming bundle of joy is on the way and Hulu’s parents, 21st Century Fox and the Walt Disney Company are fully supportive and helping out Hulu by licensing lots of networks for the upcoming skinny bundle to deliver.

As we predicted, there really was no chance that Hulu would launch an Internet TV service and not have some help from its parents, so the announcement that the agreements with Disney and 21s Century Fox have been made are a formality, if anything. But it still carries some weight in the Internet TV market because it means that Hulu’s Internet TV service will be competitive within the market that is growing increasingly crowded. The deals with Disney and 21st Century Fox will bring over 35 networks to the Hulu skinny bundle service, many that would be considered inherent for a successful Internet TV service.

Looking at the content offerings across these different services and forthcoming services, Hulu’s parent companies are already bedfellows with the competition, with some plans holding more value than others…

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