‘TV’ Viewers Watch 4 More Hours a Week on Mobile Devices than in 2012

“TV” viewers (people watching videos on any device) are watching 1.5 hours more a week than they did 2012. What’s significant is that is an additional 4 hours per week of viewing on mobile devices and 2.5 fewer hours a week watching TV sets and PCs. All this comes from a ConsumerLab survey by Ericsson, which leans to mobile because its sells billions of dollars of mobile network equipment and services. Ericsson points out that 40% of consumers worldwide are very interested in a mobile data plan that includes unlimited video streaming capabilities – 46% among Millennials who are avid users of mobile devices. It said movies, TV series and other TV programs now account for 74% of viewing time. The report also differentiates between Couch Traditionalists and Screen Shifters and says that although they may spend the same amounts of time watching “TV,” they watch on very different devices – stationary TV sets for Couch Traditionalists versus mobile devices for Screen Shifters.

Viewing Time on Mobile devices will Exceed time on Ffxed devices in about 6 years. Image source: Ericsson

Viewing Time on Mobile devices will Exceed time on fixed devices in about 6 years. Image source: Ericsson

The trend away from advertising on TV and toward advertising on the Net is mainly benefitting Facebook and Google, according to that Digital Content Next, a trade association of digital publishers and content companies. It studied numbers from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an association of digital advertisers, together with ad numbers from Google and Facebook and concluded that Google and Facebook accounted for all of the growth in online advertising in the first half of this year. Google, whose ad revenue increased 22% in the first half of 2016, accounted for 60% of the ad market’s year-over-year growth and Facebook, which grew 67% in the same period, accounted for 43% of the growth. Their total of 103%, which if accurate, means that the other Internet services actually lost market share – although the total online ad revenue is increasing. That’ll scare other Web companies that depend on ad revenue – but the most frightened must be the TV industry.

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