Cellcos Upgrading Networks to Handle Increases in Mobile Video Viewing

Here’s another report, this one by iGR, which says the volume of video that is being viewed via a mobile network continues to increase sharply. That’s because consumers watch more shows that are streamed and have started using OTT services such as Snapchat and WhatsApp that allow users to embed videos in their messages. Its report includes a five-year forecast for mobile video traffic in North America.

iGR said the increases in video viewing has prompted cellcos to upgrade their cellular networks with densification and other technologies so they can deliver high-quality, flicker-free videos. There has also been consolidation and cellcos entering partnership deals with content providers. Cellcos are looking for additional revenue to pay for their upgrades and their future build-out of 5G networks.

Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR, said, “Ultimately, mobile operators have two competing goals: provide mobile consumers a consistently positive mobile video experience and lessen the impact of video on the mobile network. This market study details the strategies being used to meet both goals and quantifies the amount of mobile video traffic being generated by North American mobile consumers.”

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