Huawei & China Mobile Deploy Massive MIMO Cell Site that Reaches 72 Mbps up and 630 Mbps down

Image courtesy Huawei.

Huawei and China Mobile in Shanghai say they have deployed the world’s first wideband Massive MIMO site, which they said showed peak cell throughput rates reaching 630 Mbps down and 72 Mbps up. They said wideband Massive MIMO improves the capacity of 4G sites by 5-fold increase – up to 5-6 Gbps at a single site – and “is perfectly suited” for the enhancement of coverage and of interference mitigation to meet specialized coverage requirements such as coverage of high-rise buildings.

The two said next-generation Massive MIMO solution is ready for the evolution to 5G and is the beginning of a planned series of events outlined in the timetable for 5G large-bandwidth evolution. Its installation is made easier and less expensive because only one optical fiber and one power cable are required. Huawei’s newest chips provide processing 4-fold higher than that of the industry standard.

China Mobile said it is building the world’s fastest-growing 4G network and must continuously innovate. It said, “The future is coming and well worth the wait.”

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