AT&T Pushing its Limits in the Zero-Rating, Throttling Video Space

(CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia

This week AT&T announced that in early 2017 the company would be launching a feature called “Stream Saver” that would limit mobile video quality for mobile customers as a way to take some of the streaming pressure off of its network by throttling streaming video quality and also to eat up less of mobile customers’ data limits.

The feature will throttle video to 480p or standard definition quality although there is no limit to if and when or how much mobile customers turn the service on and off and AT&T stresses it is a choice customers can make for themselves as it will ultimately affect their own data limits, positively for those that choose to use the Stream Saver feature.

However, AT&T has indicated that the feature will be enabled by default meaning even those with unlimited data will experience throttling of video streams unless they decide to disable to feature. So while for some the feature will be welcomed for the purpose of saving mobile customers from going over data limits and incurring additional charges for some the feature, that will be automatically enabled, is not necessary or warranted…

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