Google Fiber Reportedly Working on 4K STB & Network Gear with Improved 5GHz Wi-Fi

– Will Every Pay TV Services Go Wireless in the Home?

– And Wireless to the Home?

By Charles Hall

Google Fiber is reportedly working on a new pay TV STB that supports 4K streaming and on network devices that have improved 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, according to Android Headlines.

Reportedly the Google Fiber TV STB that’s under development  looks similar to its current STB but is missing a couple of ports that the current STB has: coaxial and IR (infrared). Coax is needed for connecting to the incoming TV signal and other STBs but is no longer required for that or for serving as a whole home DVR – as DirecTV is doing wherever possible.  The new Google Fiber network box has ports for Ethernet, HDMI and USB plus an AV out connector. Its 5GHz band Wi-Fi capabilities have been upgraded. The new STB supports streaming 4K YouTube videos in HDR – and should be capable of supporting 4K in HDR content from any source when connected to a TV that supports both.

The current STB has to be connected to the network box by either coax or Ethernet. The improved Wi-Fi should allow the network box and STB to be remotely located. This page the lack of a coax port and the improvements in the 5GHz Wi-Fi band are indications that Google Fiber wants to go all-wireless, which would substantially reduce installations costs.

These new gear reportedly went into tests after October 25 when Google announced that future fiber deployment was being paused…

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