Verizon Acquires the Wi-Fi Kiosk Company LQD WiFi

The race for Wi-Fi coverage in public areas is on.

Verizon has acquired LQD WiFi, a Wi-Fi kiosk company whose kiosks are similar to the LinkNYC kiosks that are populating various areas of New York City, Verizon’s home turf. There was a hint of what was to come when Verizon exhibited with LQD at CTIA Super Mobility 2016 in September. It was the same show at which LQD first announced its Palo kiosk product.

Palo is a towering piece of hardware that offers informational services, broadband connectivity and public safety features. It includes multiple LCD displays as well as sensors, a camera, a mobile charging station and street lighting.

LQD has a deal with New Rochelle, NY to deploy its Palo kiosks. New Rochelle City Manager Charles Strome, III said that LQD WiFi’s “attractive kiosks will invite residents and visitors to engage with our city in parks, cultural events and local businesses” to “connect with the world around them through high-speed public Wi-Fi.”

Verizon is aiming to grab an early start in the emerging smart cities sector, which it says is one of five areas on which it is focusing. The CityBridge alliance behind LinkNYC has announced that Intersection, one of the CityBridge alliance partners, has a LinkUK deal with BT that will deploy connected kiosks in London next year in 2017.

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