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Produced by Rider Research’s partner, Rethink, Faultline is the weekly strategy bulletin that studies disruptive changes in the video delivery business and eco-system.

It guides and advises suppliers of OTT, Mobile TV, cable and satellite equipment; Pay TV and Mobile TV operators and those planning these services; content providers, applications houses, chip and component makers, wireless operators and investors in digital markets.

The publication sticks to the simple ingredients of experience, perspective and an up to date understanding of what technology can do. It covers everything:
– from OTT Over-The-Top Video to IPTV to DTH services
– from the transition of 4G to 5G and LTE
– from Triple and Quad Play to the implication to Advertisers
– from Smartphones and Tablets to Home Networks

Faultline is so called because it locates the creaks, lurches and in some cases, entire collapses of the rich seams traditionally mined by media and technology companies.

Each week, its analysts make assessments and predictions based on events that have happened in the digital media industry.

It follows the players, approaches, charging models, applications & service delivery mechanisms involved in the broadband and digital content industries.

The following topics are regularly analyzed:

* Video & audio enabling technologies
– STBs, NTBs, Smartphones, Streaming Devices & Media Players
– Home networking standards including G.hn, MoCA & HomePlug* OTT Services
* Internet TV, Movie and Music Providers
* Copyright, Intellectual Property and Patent Issues
* Content delivery technology
* The impact of advertising and social networks on shared video sites
* Industry standards, schisms & alliances
* Forecasts and research


Faultline focuses on choices that companies operating in the digital media sphere will make and have already made in order to prosper in the coming five or six years.

It’s delivered weekly on an annual subscription ($1,495 with discounted group and departmental rates available).

An example of a recent edition can be downloaded for free here.
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