Research Reports

Occasionally Rider Research takes time over a certain topic or upcoming technology and will produce a stand-alone report or survey.

Our most current report is Sports Goes over the Top: Technologies, Platforms, Leagues & Streaming Converge

Previous reports have been about a wide variety of subjects such as OTT video delivery, powerline home networking technology, UHD 4K TV, smart TVs, iPads and tablets, apps and consumer broadband speeds. Recent reports have been

Virtual Reality: The Market, Devices and Future Use Cases of an Emerging Video Technology

HDR and 4K: A Match Made in Heaven, or Rival Technologies?

Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV

YouTube: The Next Generation of TV  &  The YouTube Challengers Report

the Home Networking Industry 2015 report  

The Future of TV is HereWelcome to the Internet TV Era,