4K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven, or Rival Technologies? Report

The 4K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven or Rival Technologies? report is an executive briefing examining the growing High Dynamic Range (HDR) and UHD 4K content market and what are the likely implications for players involved in every part of the video delivery chain from Consumer Electronics manufacturers, content creation, broadband supply and OTT services.


4K & HDR - Match or Rival front

“High Dynamic Range (HDR) is as significant an upgrade in television viewing as the transition from black and white to color TV”. So say a growing number of content creators who are enthusiastically taking the picture quality technology to heart.

Hollywood studios have already committed to HDR. High-end digital cameras and post-production systems can already support it. Content makers say HDR is a better picture enhancer because it addresses screen contrast and eclipses UHD 4K, which is only about increased resolution.

This flies in the face of the UHD 4K TV narrative currently being driven by TV set and screen manufacturers: that mass-production of 4K TV and phone screens has led to falling prices. A growing number of consumers are becoming accustomed to the enhanced picture quality and will be demanding better content. This in turn will present the digital media eco-system with an array of challenges as new solutions will be required for adjusted CE equipment, bandwidth demands, home gateways, Wi-Fi speeds, storage etc.

The first consumer devices offering the high quality HDR pictures have already started shipping. Meanwhile, for OTT services and broadband suppliers – both of wireline and mobile, HDR’s attraction lies in the means of delivering high quality video over limited bandwidth.

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How significant then, is the adoption of HDR to the digital media industry? Is HDR technology a threat to the UHD 4K environment; or can the two exist side-by-side? Which organizations are behind the technology and who stands to gain or lose? All this and more is addressed in 4K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven or Rival Technologies? report.

It’s a to-the-point report that, among others, focuses on the following topics:

  • Introduces and defines HDR standards and solutions including a glossary of terms;
  • Explains the relationships between HDR and 4K as defined by major industry bodies and organizations;
  • Determines how the technology will affect consumers and the implications for manufacturers of TVs, STBs, tablets, laptops and PCs;
  • Surveys current HDR content from major studios and producers;
  • Assesses how pay TV, OTT delivery services are positioning HDR technology for consumers and gives examples of current projects;
  • Explores what commercial opportunities are being presented by HDR

Some extracts of the report are available here.


4K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven or Rival Technologies? is a 22-page study and is essential reading for decision makers and influencers in Pay-TV companies including Cable, Satellite, Telcos & Cellcos, Movie and TV Studios, OTT delivery services, Ad & TV networks, TV and Device Manufacturers, Makers of Set-Top Boxes, Home Networking Gear, Infrastructure that delivers video to the home, Local TV Stations, Financial Analysts and Industry Consultants.

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4K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven, or Rival Technologies?

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Table of Contents for 4K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven or Rival Technologies?


Glossary of Terms

HDR Standards and Solutions


 – UHD Alliance

 – UHD Forum

 – CTA

 – Blu-ray Disc Association’s UHD Blu-Ray

 – Dolby Vision HDR Solution

 – Technicolor’s HDR and ITM Solutions

 – Intelligent Tone Management

 – HDR Distribution Encoders & Decoders for Live Broadcast

 – Other Broadcast Standards for HDR


Content and Delivery

 – Warner Brothers

 – Twentieth Century Fox

 – Sony Pictures

 – Universal Pictures


Delivering UHD HDR Content to the Home

 – Physical Media: Blu-ray Disc Association’s UHD Blu-Ray

 – Streaming Services Will Provide Most UHD & HDR Content to the Masses

 – Amazon Wins ‘First-to-Market’ with Streaming HDR

 – Netflix

 – M-GO

 – Vudu

 – Pay TV Providers


UHD HDR Devices and TV Sets

 – UHD Blu-ray Players Supporting HDR

 – Will Any Pay TV STBs Support HDR in 2016?


Next Up: Broadcast TV in HDR


4K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven or Rival Technologies?


April 2016