Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV

Live sports TV revenues will be severely impacted by the disruptive technologies of OTT (over-the-top) video delivery. The same is true of live news and unscripted entertainment shows.

Why this is so is explained in a new report called Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV which is all about the effect of OTT and cord-cutting on live sports, news and entertainment.

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Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other OTT services have already exposed weaknesses in traditional pay and linear TV revenue structures. As a result, the entertainment industry has quickly learnt that on-demand, time-shifted viewing is the new norm for most TV programming, especially serialized shows.

Meanwhile, demand for LIVE entertainment events, sports and news has never been greater and has become the cornerstone of pay and linear TV programming.

Yet the rise of Internet delivered video, binge-viewing and on-demand OTT services have enabled viewers to become their own programmers. They can now choose what to watch without paying heed to appointment viewing, prime-time line-ups or their commercials.

Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV is a compact and incisive survey (43 pages) of the threats and business opportunities presented by the flourishing, yet precarious, live streaming video sector.

It means OTT services are forcing traditional & pay TV players to compete across these viewing devices and platforms. This in turn means live video services are being forced to migrate to online distribution models. The land-grab for control over live streaming services is therefore the next major frontier for online video in 2016.


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Pulling together a wealth of recent research and analysis and presented as a to-the-point executive briefing, Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV:

  • Explains why broadband suppliers like Verizon, Comcast, Sky, etc. are experimenting with low-cost pay TV packages that target cord-cutters (and even cord-shavers) in order to boost revenue;
  • Considers existing sporting online video models with case studies from NFL, Tennis Channel. MLB, Arena Football League, NBA etc;
  • Looks at how live broadcasters such as Fox, CBS and Univision have reacted and early examples Internet TV packages and “skinny bundles”;
  • Examines the impact of the flourishing live streaming & gaming sector with web channels such as Amazon’s Twitch, YouTube and others;
  • Studies live TV News and the demands of Millennials for web and smartphone-derived content;
  • Explores possible opportunities posed by Periscope, Snapchat and Meerkat, the emerging live selfie apps, as they start to gain significant traction among consumers;
  • Argues how technological factors such as LTE Broadcast, UHD 4K TV resolution and CDN Architectures could determine future costings and business models.

Some extracts of the report are available here


Who should read Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV?

This is essential research for content and rights owners in Sports, Entertainment & News; Decision makers and influencers in Pay-TV companies including Cable, Satellite and Telcos, Movie and TV Studios, TV networks, TV and Device Manufacturers, DRM specialists, Handset Makers, Sellers of Advertising Insertion Systems, Makers of Set-Top Boxes, Home Networking Gear, Infrastructure that delivers video to the home, Local TV Stations, Financial Analysts and Industry Consultants.


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Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV

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Live Streaming – The Next Frontier of Internet TV Report

Table of Contents


Live Streaming Video Content Is the Next Frontier in 2016


Live Streams Will Help Pay TV ‘Put the Genie Back in the Bottle’

Pay TV Providers Now Offering Live Streaming Services

Sling TV’s Streaming Channel Line-Up

PlayStation Vue’s Channel Line-Up

AT&T Lays Groundwork for Streaming TV Product

Charter & TWC Experiment with Live Streaming TV

Comcast’s Internet TV Entry

Over-the-Air Network and Local Station Content are Obstacles

Live Streaming Services Gain Popularity in Europe

TV Networks Offer Live Streams in TV Everywhere Apps

TV Everywhere Services that Offer Live Streams of Linear Channels

Broadcasters Must Stream Online or Risk Extinction

Enabling Technologies: Dyle, TabletTV and Others


Web Video Platforms Turn to Live Content

5 of the Top 10 OTT Services Offer Live Streaming

Verizon’s Go90 Will Incorporate Live Events with Web Video

Yahoo Invests in Live Series, Concerts and Games

AOL to Launch 24/7 Internet TV Channel for Huffington Post

FilmOn Offers Web Network of Live Streaming Channels

FreeCast’s Rabbit TV Offers Live Web Channels

Social Video Platforms that Live Stream

Periscope and Meerkat Birth New Selfie-Streaming World

Facebook Has Just Begun Its Live Streaming Experiment

Meet Streamup, the Latest Live Streaming Selfie App

Snapchat: Almost Live Video Covering Live Events

User-Generated Live Gaming Broadcasts

Twitch Is the Largest Live Streaming Network on the Web

YouTube Expands Its Live Stream Function


Sports Content Is Moving to Internet TVFaster than Anyone Anticipated

2016 Will Be the Year Live Sports Go OTT

Yahoo, Google, Amazon Will Soon Be Vying for Sports Rights

NFL Moves Pay TV Gems Online

CBS Offers 7 NFL Games Live and Over the Top


MLBAM Has Become a Rights Holder

NBA Offers Live Games a La Carte and Online

Ballmer Considers Taking Clippers over the Top

More Sports Leagues Embracing Live Streaming Distribution


The News Will Be Live Streamed

Millennials Get News from the Web and from Smartphones

TV News Moves Online

Social Video Platforms Are the Future for Broadcasters and Publishers


Service Providers Will Turn to Live Streaming Platforms and Technology

Nomads CEO Gives Insight to Streaming Stutters and Stops

CDN Architectures for High Demand and Long Tail Content

Broadcasters Look to Internet TV and IP-Based Services

The Home Network Will Gain Importance to Viewers and Service Providers Alike in 2016


January 2016