Sports Goes over the Top: Technologies, Platforms, Leagues & Streaming Converge

Sports Goes over the Top: Technologies, Platforms, Leagues & Streaming Converge focuses on global trends in Internet-delivered content



In late 2015, the NFL broadcast, for the first time, an entire American football match over the Internet to a global audience. That game, which reached 15 million viewers and generated over 33 million views online around the world, effectively broke the dam on live streaming sports. Now, the genie is out of the bottle; billions of dollars are at stake.

Furthermore, the growing appetite among sports content viewing other than the TV set, particularly on mobile devices, shows no sign of easing. But what of the business opportunities, challengers and potential dangers presented by this trend?

Sports Goes over the Top: Technologies, Platforms, Leagues & Streaming Converge is the executive briefing that analyzes this market.

The report examines strategies for expanding sports audiences, generating new revenue streams and building global demand for sports content through Internet distribution.

 It explores how OTT distribution is providing business models for sports networks leagues and clubs to tap into huge global audiences. The survey presents information about the platforms, technologies and market drivers that are enabling sports networks to manage the transition to Internet-delivered live sports.

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Broadcast networks, pay TV networks and pay TV providers pay billions of dollars each year for sports programming rights to broadcast on traditional TV. But the OTT competitors Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and others are now paying up too, as viewers look for more convenient ways to catch a game.

And with the first year of ratings dips in what’s been traditionally must-see programming, it’s clear the last marble column of the traditional linear TV business is beginning to crumble.

Amongst a wealth of information about this market,Sports Goes over the Top: Technologies, Platforms, Leagues & Streaming Converge explores:

1)    The advantages and obstacles to delivering live online video to viewers across devices and platforms;
2)    Social video networks and their role in aggregating and engaging audiences; increasingly with direct sports programming delivery to those audiences on their smartphones, tablets and Internet-connected TV sets;
3)    Direct-to-consumer OTT video offerings being favored by a growing cadre of sports leagues who are now incorporating live video into these offerings;
4)    Next generation of video technologies, including UHD, HDR and virtual reality (VR) applications,bringing more immersive, engaging and visually jaw-dropping viewing experiences to sports fans wherever they are in the world.

Who should read Sports Goes over the Top: Technologies, Platforms, Leagues & Streaming Converge? This report is essential research and analysis for content and rights’ owners in sports,  entertainment and  publishing; rights holders in sports leagues, clubs & organizations; Consumer Electronics device and component vendors; Pay TV operators, broadcasters, all types of network operators, telcos, cablecos, broadband carriers, satellite and OTT operators, and equipment and software suppliers to these companies, including STB and encoder manufacturers, DRM specialists, handset makers, chip designers; apps and software developers; strategy formulators and buyers; consultants; financial analysts and any company with an interest in the future sports content & delivery.

Some extracts of the report are available here

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Table of Contents for Sports Goes OTT: Technologies, Platforms, Leagues & Streaming Converge

The Year Live Sports Went Over the Top
– Premium Sports Now Available Off the TV Set
–  Fans Want to Stream Sports Online
– Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Twitter & Facebook Are Now Vying for Sports Rights

Live Streaming Video Is Now a Reality
– Advantages and Obstacles to Live Online Video

Advantages to Going over the Top with Live Sports
– Every School Team Can Now Broadcast over the Web
– Monetization and RoI
– Picture Quality Will Be Major Pain Point

Obstacles in Live Streaming Sports
– Strategies for Live Streaming
– Cedexis Builds a Federation of CDNs
– Will the Internet’s Backbone Be the Next Bottleneck?
– Solving the Internet Bottleneck with Multicast
– Disney Hopes to Secure Internet TV Future with BAM Tech
– Turner Broadcasting Acquires Majority Stake in iStreamPlanet
– AT&T Preparing For Internet Video Services with Quickplay Acquisition
– NBCUniversal Launches Live Streaming Platform ahead of Rio Olympics

Social Video Networks: Where Viewers Come to Stream
– Sports Leagues Reach Fans with ‘Social TV’

Twitter, the New Digital Sports Network
– Twitter’s NFL Metrics
– Live Streaming Ad Completion Could Propel Twitter’s Business Forward
– Twitter’s End Game: The TV Set

Facebook Chases Sports Publishing Dreams with Dollar Signs
– Facebook Spends Big Bucks on Sports Streams

YouTube, the Sleeping Giant of Live Streaming
– YouTube Was the Cord Cutters’ Go-to for Olympics Coverage

The Internet TV Players Are Already Streaming Sports Directly to Devices
* Dish Network Sling TV
* Sony’s PlayStation Vue
* Amazon
* Yahoo
* CBS All Access
– How Important Is Live Streaming Sports? Verizon Says $4.8 billion

Case Studies in Live Online Sports
– Sports Leagues Look to Internet Distribution to Reach Those Post-TV Eyeballs
– OTT Sports Services Catching on in US
– Pay TV’s Crown Jewels Move Online
– TV Viewership of NFL Football Declines Double Digits
– NBA Goes a La Carte for Games Online
– Disney Will Take Its Premium Sports Net ESPN Online & a La Carte

WWE: Internet TV’s Big Pioneer

Niche Sports Find Niche Audiences Online
– Chinese Internet TV Companies Want the Sports LeagueCash Cow

4K and VR: Technologies ahead for Live Streaming Sports
– UHD Live Streaming Is a Reality Today
– HDR for Sports
– Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Video Experiences

Conclusion: Streaming Sports Will Propel Internet TV into the Mainstream

January 2017