The Home Network Industry Report


The Home Networking Industry report is about the business of powerline home networking technologies that provide flicker-free OTT services and smooth operation to other band-width apps.

Home Networking Industry 2015 report


A surge in demand for Wi-Fi bandwidth and coverage in and around the home has stemmed from the increasing use of Wi-Fi devices like TVs, phones and tablets. The strain isn’t easing – bandwidth-hungry apps such as 4K TV (including the new iPhone with 4K recording capability) will cause further demand for upload bandwidth as well as downloads.

True, in many cases, Wi-Fi home networks set up by the broadband supplier work sufficiently; but what about problems like “Wi-Fi deadspots” in awkward parts of the house? Or from people simply sitting on their porches or their patios expecting to watch 4K on a mobile device or outdoor TV?

Two types of powerline home networking technologies have emerged that can solve these problems. One is called (promoted by the HomeGrid Forum) and the other is HomePlug AV2 (promoted by the HomePlug Alliance).

Over 62 pages, The Home Networking Industry report, Rider Research:

  • Explains the rivalry and background behind the two camps, one backed by chipmakers Broadcom and Qualcomm, the other started by Intel but now championed by technology companies such as Marvell, Sigma Designs, Comtrend, etc.;
  • Reveals the results from our own tests on and HomePlug AV2 products conducted in two different test homes;
  • Makes recommendations and conclusions arising from the tests;
  • Provides analysis and reports in recent events and trends in 2015 in the home networking market.


Home Networking Industry 2015 is essential reading for those already interested in the powerline home network industry or for those needing to gain an understanding. Who should read this report? Network operators, telcos, cablecos, broadband carriers, satellite, IPTV operators, equipment and software suppliers to these companies, broadband equipment suppliers, TV and device manufacturers, makers of set-top boxes, chipset makers and the infrastructure that delivers video to the home, financial analysts, strategy formulators and buyers and industry consultants.


Some extracts are available here.

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Home Networking Industry Report

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The Home Networking Industry Report – Table of Contents


Part 1 – Tests & Results

HomePlug AV2 Outperforms
– 5 Possible Criticisms & Our Responses
– Before We Begin: Two Culprits
– Comparison: D-Link HomePlug AV2 adapter and Comtrend adapter

HomeGrid Forum Says Our Conclusions about Were Wrong
– Conclusion
– Why Does It Matter?
– But!
– What about 4K?Is The Glass Half Empty of Half Full?

HomePlug AV2 Retains Crown in 2nd Test Versus
– Fig.: Comparison of Different Pairs of Comtrend 9172 Adapters
– Which Would You Buy?
– What’s Next?Sigma Designs’ Prime Chips Set Speed Record
– Q&A with Sigma Designs
– Fig.: Side-by-Side Testing
– The Atmos-jperf Factor

Sigma Designs’ Prime Takes the Gold in an Apartment
– Test Case 2: The Apartment
– Fig.: Whoa! Not So Fast!Industry Bodies Right to Reply
– HomeGrid Forum’s Comments
– HomePlug Alliance’s Comments

The 64KByte Tests
– Conclusions

The Next Frontier: The Home Network
– So What?
– Recommendations

Part 2 – Recent reports, trends & analysis

Small Net Builder:’s Strength is at Long Distances

Powerline versus Coax Products Have Started Appearing

With 1 Gbps Coming, Home Network is Next Frontier

Testing Speeds Within the Home
– The Three Considerations for Flicker-free 4K Movies

Quantenna Brings More Speed & Coverage to the Home’s Wi-Fi Network
– What About Existing Receiving/Viewing Devices?

Quantenna 8×8 Chips Aims at Enterprise, Gateway & the World

Actiontec’s MoCA-to-Wi-Fi Adapter Provides up to 1 Gbps Wi-Fi

More Details About Actiontec’s MoCA-to-Wi-Fi Adapters

Denmark’s Waoo! Bets it All on AirTies’ Wi-Fi

Celeno Teams Up with Intel on a STB Design with its Super-Fast and Steady Wi-Fi

Comtrend Selects Celeno for its Extenders

Google Gets in the Router Business
– Snazzy, High Performance Wi-Fi Router
– No Conferring

MoCA Adds Sercomm, Keeps on A’Marching

HomeGrid Forum: Speed Alone is not a Complete Real World Test

MoCA Lands in Israel at the Satco Yes

New Chromecast Ethernet Adapter Shows Wi-Fi’s Shortcomings

Rockchip Breaks the Wi-Fi Power Barrier Heading Down

October 2015