Would You Sell Hulu if You Were a Pay-TV Parent?

Hulu, the streaming TV lovechild from News Corp, Disney and NBC Universal, is in play, thanks to a mystery bid that hit early this week and has been lighting up the news feeds ever since.

Or, at least that’s what someone wants us to think, someone who’d benefit from the possibility of a Hulu sale being thrust into the limelight. There’s a lot of skepticism on this because it’s hard to nail down a buyer and because sources are all over the place. Our double agent behind Hulu lines says that the word coming down from the top is that a bid was indeed made but another friend in the digital content distribution and licensing arm of a Hulu parent has said the bid is all hype.

The Wall Street Journal reported late Tuesday that an offer from a mystery bidder did indeed happen and that Hulu’s board is considering a sale. paidContent said it confirmed Hulu management and owners are discussing a bid and other options but that there’s been no formal board meeting.

The Los Angeles Times was one of the first to say that Yahoo was the mystery bidder, which makes some sense as the company is trying to reinvent itself as more of a content destination. However, Yahoo’s EVP Ross Levinsohn has recently told paidContent and others that there “are no game-changing acquisitions for Yahoo” planned, but Levinsohn has been a big supporter of Hulu since his days at News Corp, so it’s a statement that can be overlooked if Hulu is up for grabs.

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